Thursday, July 9, 2009


I've technically died, that is why I haven't updated in a while.

Holidays reduce my energy levels to a 0 and I bare a likeness to that of a zombie.

I have decided that this blog will be for general little ramblings and pleasantries while a new blog which shall be churned out by yours truly very soon, will involve rants, tyrades, insults and all those other lovely "Monica" things.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Androgyny in the form of Hitler.

It's currently 1:05pm on a Sunday night and I have school tommorow.


I've done about 75% of the editing, I'm quite proud, and I should have photos of me dressed up as an androgynous Hitler and video's of bloopers and the making of my modern history video up veryyyyy soooooooooon.


But everyone's sleeping and I know if I get up to pee I'm going to make noise.




I'm hungry?
Is that normal?

Oh wait, yeah it is. LOL I ate dinner at 6:30.

This is going to be an all-nighter. Definetly.
Vicki, if I'm asleep in SAP tommorow, wake me yeah?


I'm finishing this blog.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Expanding on what Vicki said...

I agree wholly with the fact those twats that come 'hang' around where we sit ARE FUCKING LOUD, OBNOXIOUS TOOLS.

That hillbilly looking girl makes me physically ill. If i see her hanging off another guy tommorow I WILL DROP A BITCH.
And as for that Billy guy. He's the eptiome of OBNOXIOUS TWAT. He sat behind me in maths and I actually felt part of my soul dying. I'm putting it down to him suffering from ADD, he craves attention all the time, by being so loud, that he's ignorant to the fact OTHER PEOPLE IN CLASS WISH TO BE EDUCATED, AND NOT SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES IN JAIL OR FLIPPING BURGERS DOWN AT MACCAS. kthx.

And please, to all the unwelcome tits down where we chill, STFU AND GTFO. You're too loud. Lunch times are meant for a bit of relaxing/unwinding/general calming. NOT TO HAVE YOUR FREAKIN' EARS HACKED INTO BY MENACING SCREAMS/LAUGHS/VOICES/SHRIEKS/WHATEVERTHEFUCKELSE from ignorant wanks who obviously are trying to be "cool" or "hardcore".

UGH, just piss off.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Fatty has a really odd fascination with my facial hair.

She has the arising need to bring it up in many social situations.
These include;

Byron: I need a moustache!!
Fatty: Borrow Monica's!
Monica: :O
Fatty: OH TEE HEE!


Actually the aforementioned "Hilarious" was intended to be sarcastic, but the whole situation actually was hilarious.

I lol'd.

So this concludes my blog about Fatty's fascination with facial hair.


Sunday, April 19, 2009


Oh hai.

I haven't updated in a while because I am slack.

Holidays are technically over today, which is a shame, huge shame.

But yes, main reason I am writing this is because a few people have asked what my opinion on Nadya Suleman (Octo-mum) is, even though the initial people who asked for my opinion don't use blogspot. Oh well.

In one word, my opinion on her is: Greedy.
She is a greedy, selfish git. She has 14 children, with not enough support or room to tend and care for them. She seems to me like the type of person, who, as soon as they get bored of something they get something new to replace it. She presented this type of behavior with her first 6 children and the now arrival of 8 more. She wanted media attention, she wanted a taste of the limelight, she wanted to be fussed over. Well you got fussed over, now you're saying you're sick of the media? Typical twat.

She has had a her 15 minutes of fame, I'm sick of hearing about her. If it was up to me, I'd take away half her children. She obviously has herself in way too deep, but doesn't want to admit it. Nadya is now also requesting a documentary based around her life. No. Why. If you yourself has said this wasn't for publicity why would you publicise yourself with a documentary series? Yeah, well thought through that one was.

So there's my two cents; Greedy, uneducated over publicised twat.

Moving along, I'm about to rage if I hear the words "WORK EXPERIENCE" again. No places I have rung take kids my age or they don't even do work experience, ORRR when they do conduct work experience it's too late.


I'm currently working on a new music project, I've written a few songs for it but writers block has plagued me since the start of this year, so I'm SLIGHTLY PESSED.

Uhmm, oh yeah, thought I just might add here that I think Kim Jong Il is a fuckhead. If you have no idea who Kim Jong Il is, I suggest you google him. He's a complete wanker. I could go on, but I don't want to incite a History lesson.

Oh yeah, I might as well add a shout out to Liam to make him feel special.
Hi Liam, go back /b/ and stop spamming up /s/. kthx.
No I kid. Stay in /s/ and send me your /s/ folder. :)
And stop watching V for Vendetta. Jeez.



Yeah that's all from me.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I really should update more.

Title is self explanitory really.

So what has been happening in the world of Monica lately?

Saw WATCHMEN at a Myspace Black Curtain screening on Wednesday.
It was an amazing movie, killer grpahics, and it remained faithful to the book, with a few changes here and there. Bekkah hated it, with her groaning constantly about how shit the scripting and score was I wanted to punch her in the teeth.
But it's fair to say I have the hots for that drunk, tobacco-ridden rapist/murderer The Comedian, possibly Jeffrey Dean Morgan's most handsome role yet. -insert drooling on keyboard here-.

But really, there isn't much going on at the moment, hopefully a few family parties with the Coco's/Panebianco's/Di Bella's and Masciantonio's are coming up soon, WHICH WILL BE FUN.

I'm also processing a few outlines for some short films I want to come up with.
Only if my darn father will let my mits on that beautiful, new, shiny video camera.

But, until the holidays are here there really won't be any creative projects.


Friday, February 20, 2009

No I haven't died...

For a bit there I temporarily abandoned my blog, and I even thought an old shitty blog post from 2 years ago was going to suffice for, my not so very punctual, punctuality.

But I'm back.

School has started, and it's been an experience let me tell you.
Punctuality reigns supreme.
Organisation also dominates.

But the more I think about it, the 3 more years of school that I have left is going to go so fast, that all the negatives are going to be counteracted by my, very positive, QCE! Oooo-eee-ooooo.

BUT, fear not, all the fun filled adventures Monica encounters have not been eradicated.
I attended my auntie's wedding on Feb 7th as a bridesmaid.
And let me tell you, a lot of fun was had.
But that was after I ripped my dress, at the church, in front of everyone.
BUT, it was planned, we had stunt directors and everything I do assure you.

That night made me realise, yet again, that Italians are the coolest people in the world.
Except for Anthony, he spilt his drink on me too many times to be forgiven. Hahaha.

Any who, I'm off to do that pile of homework sitting on my desk, and wonder where that mysterious tapping noise is coming from...

...Here's some pictures to tantalise your minds!


Oh god, we all look div. Haha.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You know what else can give you the cold shoulder? MICROWAVE DINNERS!

A little entry I wrote up on bebo a year or so ago.

"Well after skulling down my brown slop, which is supposedly called 'dinner', my throat is burning because of the excess pepper that graced it. Honestly who needs THAT much pepper, and I'm not talking about a few odd black specks here and there, I'm talking about a BLACK TYPHOON OF PEPPER. The thing was covered in an avalanche practically. So the name of the 'slop' was 'Peppered Steak', What is the steak made out of compressed pepper? Because I didn't taste any meat in that.

It is now 8:30, and I didn't finish the dinner/crap, until about 20 minutes ago, and I started cooking it at about well let's say 7:30, when the Simpsons Started, So the slop took about an hour to make, mind you my microwave isn't the top of the range -coughwehardlyuseitsoit'seightyearsoldco ugh- But honestly, AN HOUR? I could have waddled down to Maccas at Central in the time it took to make that, but I hate McDonalds so I wouldn't have done so anyway.

But after you chuck this slop in the microwave for 6 mintues, you are forced to take it out again as if some GOD OF MICROWAVE DINNERS WILL HAIL THUNDERBOLTS DOWN UNTO YOU, and shake it, then the dinner must be placed back into the microwave for another six minutes. Yeah, well I followed those instructions, so what am I left with? A frozen block.I chucked it back in the cooking box for another 5 minutes, yet when I take it out, it's still cold, I shove it back in hoping another 2 minutes will do it, no, another 1, no, put it back for another 2, eventually I gave up on this whole process, so I decided to, in Dale's words, "TAKE IT LIKE A MAN" so I took it like a man, AND I ATE IT HALF FROZEN.

So now, I'm clutching my throat in acute pain, while my stomach nauseates over the fact I gave it something that looked similar to something I saw a cow do at the Ekka once. O_O

Moral of this story?
Microwave Meals look like shit, taste like shit, and take a century to cook."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This place reeks of Dettol.

One thing I have learned in my life is to never, EVER touch anything in a Doctor's surgery.
I don't CARE how clean you think it is, and I also do not care if the place uses 'Hospital Grade Disinfectant', just trust me. NEVER touch ANYTHING.

When I venture into a Doctor's Surgery, like with anyone who walks through the doors, people will look up from the 10 year old magazines placed in the waiting room stare at you then think of the reasons you may be here.

For any young girl, like myself, the guesses are normally the same:
Sex related problem.

On the contrary, it's none of those things. Well for me anyway.

I'm normally at the doctor's because, being the hypochondriac I am, any little thing I find wrong with my body I would think it needs immediate medical attention.

So as I sit in the waiting room, as the middle aged women look up from their magazines to have a glance at you to see if you're really the slapper they're guessing you are, I think of the hundreds of people that walk in and out of here a week, cough/sneeze/other 'thing' that could spread disease into their hand/hankie/other object that could spread disease and spread their lovely illness that will bed rid you for days and cause you severe stomach cramps. Nice.

People could have contracted anything, and then they sit, in the same waiting room as you spreading whatever disease from whatever continent they contracted it from, then if you touch anything they have touched, the chance of you contracting that same foreign disease they have increases ten fold. Bleurgh

What if that foreign disease causes your eye's to pop out of your skull, causes abscesses on your skin the size of grapefruits and causes your internal organs to attack each other? Hmmm?

So, I sit their for the rest of my waiting time with my hands clasped firmly in my lap, not saying a word to anyone, until my doctor comes out of their room and calls me in.

Then the horror ensues and I get wrongly diagnosed for something I don't have and I get wrongly prescribed medicine for something I don't have and then I go home and take the medicine and suffer the terrible side effects due to the fact the medicine I took was for something, you guessed it, I don't have.

But it can't be worse then contracting a foreign disease off of someone from a Doctor's surgery.

So if you want to take any tidbit of information away from this blog today, it's just don't touch anything in a Doctor's surgery okay? You'll thank me for it in the future.