Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Expanding on what Vicki said...

I agree wholly with the fact those twats that come 'hang' around where we sit ARE FUCKING LOUD, OBNOXIOUS TOOLS.

That hillbilly looking girl makes me physically ill. If i see her hanging off another guy tommorow I WILL DROP A BITCH.
And as for that Billy guy. He's the eptiome of OBNOXIOUS TWAT. He sat behind me in maths and I actually felt part of my soul dying. I'm putting it down to him suffering from ADD, he craves attention all the time, by being so loud, that he's ignorant to the fact OTHER PEOPLE IN CLASS WISH TO BE EDUCATED, AND NOT SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES IN JAIL OR FLIPPING BURGERS DOWN AT MACCAS. kthx.

And please, to all the unwelcome tits down where we chill, STFU AND GTFO. You're too loud. Lunch times are meant for a bit of relaxing/unwinding/general calming. NOT TO HAVE YOUR FREAKIN' EARS HACKED INTO BY MENACING SCREAMS/LAUGHS/VOICES/SHRIEKS/WHATEVERTHEFUCKELSE from ignorant wanks who obviously are trying to be "cool" or "hardcore".

UGH, just piss off.

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