Friday, February 20, 2009

No I haven't died...

For a bit there I temporarily abandoned my blog, and I even thought an old shitty blog post from 2 years ago was going to suffice for, my not so very punctual, punctuality.

But I'm back.

School has started, and it's been an experience let me tell you.
Punctuality reigns supreme.
Organisation also dominates.

But the more I think about it, the 3 more years of school that I have left is going to go so fast, that all the negatives are going to be counteracted by my, very positive, QCE! Oooo-eee-ooooo.

BUT, fear not, all the fun filled adventures Monica encounters have not been eradicated.
I attended my auntie's wedding on Feb 7th as a bridesmaid.
And let me tell you, a lot of fun was had.
But that was after I ripped my dress, at the church, in front of everyone.
BUT, it was planned, we had stunt directors and everything I do assure you.

That night made me realise, yet again, that Italians are the coolest people in the world.
Except for Anthony, he spilt his drink on me too many times to be forgiven. Hahaha.

Any who, I'm off to do that pile of homework sitting on my desk, and wonder where that mysterious tapping noise is coming from...

...Here's some pictures to tantalise your minds!


Oh god, we all look div. Haha.

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