Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Expanding on what Vicki said...

I agree wholly with the fact those twats that come 'hang' around where we sit ARE FUCKING LOUD, OBNOXIOUS TOOLS.

That hillbilly looking girl makes me physically ill. If i see her hanging off another guy tommorow I WILL DROP A BITCH.
And as for that Billy guy. He's the eptiome of OBNOXIOUS TWAT. He sat behind me in maths and I actually felt part of my soul dying. I'm putting it down to him suffering from ADD, he craves attention all the time, by being so loud, that he's ignorant to the fact OTHER PEOPLE IN CLASS WISH TO BE EDUCATED, AND NOT SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES IN JAIL OR FLIPPING BURGERS DOWN AT MACCAS. kthx.

And please, to all the unwelcome tits down where we chill, STFU AND GTFO. You're too loud. Lunch times are meant for a bit of relaxing/unwinding/general calming. NOT TO HAVE YOUR FREAKIN' EARS HACKED INTO BY MENACING SCREAMS/LAUGHS/VOICES/SHRIEKS/WHATEVERTHEFUCKELSE from ignorant wanks who obviously are trying to be "cool" or "hardcore".

UGH, just piss off.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Fatty has a really odd fascination with my facial hair.

She has the arising need to bring it up in many social situations.
These include;

Byron: I need a moustache!!
Fatty: Borrow Monica's!
Monica: :O
Fatty: OH TEE HEE!


Actually the aforementioned "Hilarious" was intended to be sarcastic, but the whole situation actually was hilarious.

I lol'd.

So this concludes my blog about Fatty's fascination with facial hair.


Sunday, April 19, 2009


Oh hai.

I haven't updated in a while because I am slack.

Holidays are technically over today, which is a shame, huge shame.

But yes, main reason I am writing this is because a few people have asked what my opinion on Nadya Suleman (Octo-mum) is, even though the initial people who asked for my opinion don't use blogspot. Oh well.

In one word, my opinion on her is: Greedy.
She is a greedy, selfish git. She has 14 children, with not enough support or room to tend and care for them. She seems to me like the type of person, who, as soon as they get bored of something they get something new to replace it. She presented this type of behavior with her first 6 children and the now arrival of 8 more. She wanted media attention, she wanted a taste of the limelight, she wanted to be fussed over. Well you got fussed over, now you're saying you're sick of the media? Typical twat.

She has had a her 15 minutes of fame, I'm sick of hearing about her. If it was up to me, I'd take away half her children. She obviously has herself in way too deep, but doesn't want to admit it. Nadya is now also requesting a documentary based around her life. No. Why. If you yourself has said this wasn't for publicity why would you publicise yourself with a documentary series? Yeah, well thought through that one was.

So there's my two cents; Greedy, uneducated over publicised twat.

Moving along, I'm about to rage if I hear the words "WORK EXPERIENCE" again. No places I have rung take kids my age or they don't even do work experience, ORRR when they do conduct work experience it's too late.


I'm currently working on a new music project, I've written a few songs for it but writers block has plagued me since the start of this year, so I'm SLIGHTLY PESSED.

Uhmm, oh yeah, thought I just might add here that I think Kim Jong Il is a fuckhead. If you have no idea who Kim Jong Il is, I suggest you google him. He's a complete wanker. I could go on, but I don't want to incite a History lesson.

Oh yeah, I might as well add a shout out to Liam to make him feel special.
Hi Liam, go back /b/ and stop spamming up /s/. kthx.
No I kid. Stay in /s/ and send me your /s/ folder. :)
And stop watching V for Vendetta. Jeez.



Yeah that's all from me.