Sunday, November 23, 2008

Salt, warm water and tea bags have become my new best friends; Being sick is a bitch.

Sneezing, coughing and blocked noses are never ever fun in the summer months. I feel slightly ripped off that I get one DREADFUL cold a year, one that REALLY hits home. But oh no, it's as if the receptors in my brain, the one's that programme whether I receive a cold or not have gone crazy. So I have been hit again with a rather dreadful cold. What's worse is that while I have this sodding cold I also:
-Have Conjunctivitis
-Am riding the crimson wave, if you catch my drift.
-Am low in iron and Vitamin C, well the latter is somewhat obvious.

So I'm sitting here at my computer desk sipping on a popper and eating Tiny Teddies while I ponder the thought on how I miss being healthy and ailment-free. Ahhh, those were the days, it seems so long ago.

Apart from me popping various foil wrappers of medication such as:
-Various multi-vitamins
I have found that it hasn't made me feel any better. In fact if I feel anything it would be a build of Ibuprofen and anaesthetic [from the Strepsils] in my system.

On the topic of conjunctivitis, I've had it since Friday and it is a real pain in the ass [Pain in the eyes amirite?] I've flushed my eyes out continuously with warm salty water, tea [I was advised by an Internet source, that flushing the eyes out with tea would help] and now I am destined to try the Albalon liquid my father has bought in hope that my eyes will return to their sparkling stature.

It seems to me as if the evil Phlegm demons are trying to sabotage my breathing once again, and the evil Conjunctiva Spirits are trying to alter my vision and cause me acute pain every morning when I have to pry my eyelids open due to the hardened discharge that forms around my eyelashes during the night.

Oh yes, life is very pleasant at this point in time.

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